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If you’re seeking unrivalled expertise underpinned by passion and cutting-edge quality, look no further. Founded in 2007, we at MAXCREATE have spent over a decade working with clients to deliver on their one-of-a-kind visions, developing sites and handcrafting online casinos of the highest possible calibre.

To this day, we remain committed to creating intuitive, imaginative virtual architectures that match every requirement you have in mind. No detail too specific, no vision too wide: whatever your objective, we’ll take you there. 

Employing the most advanced tools of the trade, we guarantee a seamless, bespoke experience. Whether you’re after a complex, large-scale online casino or something more straightforward, we have a solution custom-built to fit your needs. 

Having secured numerous partnerships with leading casino platform providers over the years, our multi-talented team is expertly equipped to turn your ideas into a striking work of art. Our designers are motivated by creating greatness. We pick our people carefully and take pride in getting things exactly right. From code-writing to colour schemes to character design, we’ll work with you from start to finish to create a casino site that’s user-friendly, speedy and easy to maintain.

Meet the founder Kenneth Schembri.

I remain committed to creating intuitive, imaginative virtual architectures that match every requirement my clients have in mind. No detail too specific, no vision too wide: whatever their objective, together with my team of visual artisans and master JS developers, I’ll take them there.

We’ve been involved with MaxCreate on several projects and they have always produced amazing products with innovative tech at every step and a great team to work with all around.  Their gamification experience combined with strong design teams have always produced cutting edge gaming sites with a high wow factor.

Andrew Doublesin,

GiG's Head of Integrations

We very much enjoy working with Maxcreate, as their professionalism and expertise reflect on our cooperation and their deliverables. They are always eager to fulfil our requests in a timely manner, while increased responsiveness defines them. 
We are confident that this partnership will become even stronger when our platform goes live and we experience Maxcreate team's full potential.

Marinos Shiapanis,

Campeon Gaming Partners’s Co-Founder

For a project of this magnitude, we needed the most imaginative and innovative people possible to match our vision. We were so impressed with MAXCREATE, we enlisted them to design a number of Socios’ major features. It was a pleasure to work with a group who not only understood our expectations, but pushed themselves to exceed them.

Alex Dreyfus,

Socios's Founder

Check out some of our best achievements!

  • Any and every custom solution requested delivered to date.

  • Fully featured CMS perfected over many years of experience.

  • Trusted partnerships with leading industry firms.

  • Kickstarted a project that made it onto the Swedish stock exchange. 

  • Transformed small casino operators into notable brand names.

  • Delivering on time, every time!

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